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Municipal Newsletter

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In April of 1983 the City Hall of Tremp edited a sheet called “Tremp. l'Ajuntament informa”, precedent of “Butlletí d'Informació Municipal". They edited 7 numbers (twice a year) until May of 1987.

In the month of June of 1989 the City Hall edited the brochure “Tremp. 10 anys d'Ajuntament democràtic”, a collection of the democratic, municipal management.

In May of 1991  a new brochure with the title “L' Ajuntament informa” was edited. It was a summary of the municipal action since the last four years.

The December of 1991 el "Butlletí d'Informació Municipal” appeared. Initially, it had to be bimensual, and actually it has been edited with different periodicity according to the period (but with successive numeration).

This Newsletter collects the information and news that have happened in our municipality during the last three months, approximately.

From our City Hall, we invite you to make your proposals in the sections “reportatge” and “el retrat”, and you can send them to the e-mail:








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