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Planning Register

This register guarantees the telematic access, with a minim, to the memory, the urbanistic norms and the management’s plans that integrate the instruments of planning into force, including the urbanistic plans derivated and approved by the City Halls.


The Register of urbanistic planning of Catalonia guarantees the publicity of the instruments of urbanistic planning into force and allows the consult of this, by presential or telematic form, according to the determinations of the articles 17 and 18 of the Decree 305/2006, of the 18th of July, by what they approve the Regulation of the Urbanism’s Law.

The Register depends on the Territorial Politics and Public Works Department and it corresponds to the territorial commissions of urbanism the collection, deposit and treatment of documents that integrate it related to its territorial sector, and eases the consult by presential form of these documents.

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