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The Presentation

The actual web page of the City Hall started to work the last day of July of 2012

The City Hall of Tremp has had presence in Internet since more than 10 years. They have made 3 different designs of corporative webs that have been incorporating easy and agile tools to the citizens and this means that there is another channel of communication.

At the beginning the web was used to show the municipality, its touristic and geological resources, and it offered municipal information like ordinances, edicts etc, it was simply a showcase.

Then, they incorporated tools of communication through electronic mails.  However, the communication always went to one direction (citizen verse City Hall).

Actually, with the incorporation of the Public Folder, the Catalogue of Services and the E-TRAM, the citizen can send an instantiate or a suggestion or can also consult and print a cohabitation certificate of municipal register. So, the two-way directionality in some of these processes makes that the circle –citizen-City Hall-citizen- is closed.


  • The municipal web would not have sense without other webs and complements that give it an added value:

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