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Tremp, where the stones speak

In this section the tourist can find information about actions and proposals that boost the wealth of our Geology and Palaeontology.

The City Hall of Tremp creates this campaign to show the importance of our municipality in a natural level. The Sciences of the Land have to be present in our daily life, and for this motive the campaign has a new image and graphic material of support.

Tremp_JordiPero.jpg santgervas_JordiPero.jpg castissent_JordiPero.jpg

(Several photos realized by Jordi Peró Enjaume. Photo1: Tremp Basin, Photo2: Sant Gervàs. Photo 3: Castissent)


In Tremp the stones speak…

  • ...they speak about History on the wall of the mountain range of Sant Gervàs where we preserve the cave painting of la Terreta’s man.
  • ...they speak about the water that drops along the river Noguera Pallaresa. Then, the first hydroelectric power stations appeared.
  • ...they speak about sport if we penetrate the canyons of Mont-Rebei, Terradets, or Collegats; one can come down the precipice of Gurp, wander through the valley of the vultures, and climb the walls of Regina’s rock.
  • ...they speak about our origins when we can look from Comiols how the Tremp Basin was formed or discover paleontological rests in the deposit of Nerets.

In Tremp the stones speak... and we only have to listen to them!

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