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Mobile homes area

This area is situated between AGBS Street and the corner of Lleida Street

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The mobile homes area  is situated in the suburbs. It is near of the sportive zone of El Juncar. 

  • Surface: 1080 square meters. Parking spaces: 13. Overnight: 48 hours.
  • Point of light connexion: Yes (previous rate)
  • Rate stay: Free
  • Public WC: No
  • Showers: No
  • Dumping site of grey waters: Yes
  • Dumping site of black waters: Yes
  • Mobile home wash: No
  • Coordinates UTM x=325833 , y=4670250.    Coordinates GPS    N 42º 09' 51,1”  W 0º 53' 30”
  • Consult the regulation in the following link


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