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County Archive

Mercadal Street, No. 19 25620 Tremp (Lleida) Tel. 973651337 Fax. 973654929

The County Archive of Pallars Jussà was inaugurated the 12th of February of 2009. It is located in a singular building of new floor, and was designed by the architects Joan Arnalot and Elena Belart. Its location is in the solar of the old Casa Sullà, a noble family who lived in the old town of Tremp in the XV Century. In the same building one can find the County Council of Pallars Jussà.

The 23rd of December of 2009 the Culture and Media Department, the County Council of Pallars Jussà and the City Hall of Tremp signed  the collaboration agreement to the management of the County Archive. This agreement and the actual legislation on Archives facilitate the incorporation of the bottoms of the municipal archives, as, for example, the Judicial one.

The County Archive custodies public and private documentation of the county according to the Law 10/2001, of archives and documents. Its prominent bottoms are the ones of the City Hall of Tremp and its small towns, the District of Tremp's Notary, among others. It also contains an important set of old publications of the county and an auxiliary library of an historical theme and archival science.

Actually, the County Archive has 819 metres of documentation.

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