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Education Department - Telephone 973 65 00 05 (ext. 338) - – Timetable of public attention: from Mondays to Fridays from 09.00 a.m. to 02.00 p.m.

The Education Department of the City Hall of Tremp is responsible of:

. Managing the Estel Municipal Nursery School.

. Managing the Municipal School of Music.

. Participating in the School Boards of the educational centres of the municipality.

. Collaborating in the provision of proposals and financing of the Education Support Plan (managed by the Educational Services of Pallars Jussà).

. Organizing the cycle of theatre in the schools.

. Maintaining and preserving the buildings of the Municipal School, the School of Espluga de Serra and the Estel Nursery School.

.Giving economic support to educational projects of the centres of the territory and AMPES (Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students) with a line of annual subsidies. 

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