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Municipal Facilities

In the following section there is a list of the different municipal facilities.







Public Attention

City Hall

City Hall

La Creu Square, No. 1 25620 Tremp 973650005
Culture Espai Cultural La Lira  Dr. Pearson, No. 22 25620Tremp 973650005
Culture Public Library Maria Barbal  Catalunya Square, No. 6 25620 Tremp 973653461
Culture Civic Centre Tarraquet Josep Rossell Street, No. 8-10 973652300
Culture Centre of Adult Education Building El Cub - Conca de Tremp s/n 973652066
Culture/Education Point Tic e-centre Tremp Josep Rossell Street, No. 8-10 973652300
Culture/Promotion La Incubadora  Josep Rossell Street, No. 8-10 973650005

Sports Subscribers Attention

Pavelló Esportiu el Juncar  AGBS Street 973651379
Sports/Culture  El Cub  Conca de Tremp s/n
Sports Pavelló El Casal
Sports Municipal swimming-pool
Works Building of the brigade  Conca de Tremp s/n
Culture Patrimonial Building La Central (Museum of electricity) Hidroelectric damm of Talarn 973653470
Tecnology/Enviroment/Public Attentions Casal dels Voltors. The major's office in La Terreta La Torre de Tamúrcia 973057947

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