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The town of Llastarri (1180 meters) is situated at 60 kilometers in the North-West of Tremp, in the gully’s valley of Miralles where there are also cottages with the rests of the castle and the hermitage of Santa Maria. Actually, the entire valley is depopulated.

During the XX Century, Llastarri was depopulated and the houses were abandoned. So, the town became in ruins.

The Church of Llastarri was dedicated to Sant Hilari, and there was also the castle, which could give the origin to the town, but there are not any rests of it.

The name of the town comes from a Basque word. The principal root of the name is lasto (straw), with the suffix –arre, -arri, which appear in other Catalan Pyrenean names of places (Ginestarre, Biscarre…) that make reference to rocky places.

The people who went up by the left of the river Ribera Ribagorçana had to pass by the neck of Llastarri, because the strait of Escales had a high difficulty. Llastarri became in an important place until the Contemporary Age. Then, anybody pass through there. From the town one can observe Sopeira and the Alaó’s monastery.

The year 1831 there were only 20 inhabitants. In 1900 there were 11 buildings with 30 inhabitants. Actually, it is completely depopulated.



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