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Project Al teu gust

"Al teu gust, aliments del Pallars" is an agrofood brand which the City Hall has developed in colaboration with several social agents. This project has the objective of showing different agrofood products that are created by small companies of our county. "Al teu gust" pretends to give value to our products and give them a recognition inside and outside our county.

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Al teu gust. Aliments del Pallars is a guarantee of quality.


The agrofood industry is a strategic one for the development of Pallars Jussà. There is a long tradition in the elaboration of agrofood products of quality that allows employment and an economic growth.

This food sector colaborates with other scopes, such as the tourism or the restoration.

The project is addressed to:

  • All the producers, in order to improve their marketing strategy.
  • The shop assisstants and restorers, who can add these agrofood products to their stock.
  • The consumers or public in general, from a local and a touristic level, because they can eat these food products with this seal of quality. 


Different actions have taken place:

Year 2013:

- Event Vins d'alçada, cultius de nivell , 6th of November of 2013.

You can find the presentations on the following links:

- Participation in the Gastronomic Forum of Girona 2013. 24th, 25th and 26th of February.

Al teu gust contains 2 stands of Prodeca and it has the Active Room and the Prodeca Room to present the products and offer a cooking show with products Al teu gust by the cook and gourmet Mariano Gonzálvo.

- Edition of the brochure 10 reasons and 5 actions to consume products "Al teu gust"


Year 2012:

-Al teu gust in Expotren. 17th and 18th of March,  Expotren Fair (Lleida).

-Presentation of the producers poster Al teu gust. 7th of April, in Vall Fosca (Pallars Jussà).

-Creation of the blog Al teu gust, aliments del Pallars. February of 2012 (Tremp)

Among the strategies of improvement of the marketing, there is also an importance of the new technologies. This is the objective of the blog's information

There are also little training actions, such as workshops, with basic knowledges of the tools 2.0, in order that the producers and restorers of the project have the necessary tools to participate in the project's diffusion, the brand and the activities that take place.

- Presentation of the Decalogue of consume Al teu gust May of 2012 (Tremp)

- Campaign for the Spring Fair of Tremp.  Al teu gust invites you to dinner. May of 2012 (Tremp)

- Host blogtrip #Catalunyaexperience. 15th of May, Castell d’Encús (Talarn)

The Catalan Agency of Tourism invites 15 of the most influential bloggers of the world to know important places around Catalonia. For example, the City Hall of Tremp offers them a lunch with products Al teu gust  in the vineyards of Castell d'Encús. Their answer is positive in the social networks.

- Participation in the seminars about roads' management, mobility and tourism in Pallars Jussà of IDAPA. 24th and 25th of May (Pallars Jussà)

- Workshop "Al teu gust" in the Primary Schools of the municipality. May and June of 2012.

- Event of experiences' exchange: the local products in the restoration. 4th of June of 2012 (Talarn)

Pere Monje, who works in the restaurant Via Veneto (Barcelona), participates in this activity. 

- Participation in the agrofood sector from the Pyrenees coordinated by IDAPA in the Fair of Cella de la Costa. 20th-23rd of September.

Year 2011:

- Consolidation of the Promotion Table of the Local Product.

From the constitution of this Promotion Table of the Local Product arises the brand's name “Al teu gust, aliments del Pallars” and its graphic image, and it is created the acts and activities' program. 

- Creation of meeting spaces between producers and restorers.

Jornada de treball entre professionals: the 15th of December in the restaurant GAB’s (Talarn). Pep Palau (Gastronomic Forum of Girona), Ramon Perisé (Restaurant Mugaritz) and Mariano Gonzálvo (Cook and owner of Lo Paller del Coc) participate in it.

- Campaign of communication

In the campaign there are 50 producers (23 of meat and sausage, 12 of bakeries and pastries, 5 of wines and liqueurs, 3 of fruits and vegetables, 2 of cheeses, 2 of jams and honeys, 1 of poultry, 1 of tinned food and 1 of chocolate and ice-creams).  

The local products  are signaled with the stamp "Al teu Gust, aliments del Pallars”.

Elaboration of sheets of producers and edition of a poster.

The presentation of the project is the 29th of October (Quince Fair), Regional Museum of Natural Sciences of Pallars Jussà (Tremp). The gastronom Pep Nogué participates in it. 

Christmas Campaign: Christmas, Al teu Gust.

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