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Natural Resources

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The geographic situation of Tremp, in the pre-Pyrenees, provokes that there is a privileged natural surrounding. The natural wealth of the municipality is extraordinary. Starting by the surrounding of the river Noguera Pallaresa and until the top of the mountain range of Sant Gervàs, the natural patrimony of Tremp is impregnated in every corner.

Taking into account the protected spaces included in the Plan of Spaces of Natural Interest and La Xarxa Natura 2000, almost a third part of the municipality is protected (a 32.8 per cent). If you add the spaces that protect the Territorial Plan of Alt Pirineu i Aran (a 39.6 per cent of the municipality), it is possible to say that almost three quarters of the municipality are protected (a 73.8 per cent), a considerable area (22.423 ha).

In Tremp there is not any natural space of special protection. In the Plan of Spaces of Natural Interest there are three spaces of natural interest with surface inside the municipality: they are Vall Alta of Serradell- Terreta-  and the mountain range of Sant Gervàs ; then we have the Spaces of Natural Interest of the mountain range of Montsec (403.28 ha. in Tremp) and Faiada de Malpàs (0.01 ha. in Tremp).

In the other hand, in the municipality of Tremp there are two spaces included in la Xarxa Natura 2000 that correspond with two of the Spaces of Natural Interest: Vall Alta of Serradell- the mountain range of Sant Gervàs, and the mountain ranges of Montsec, Sant Mamet and Mitjana.

In this section the territory of the municipality is presented divided in five big zones taking into account the natural, geological and landscaping interest of each one and, especially, to the ecotourism attraction and the accessibility: la Terreta and the mountain range of Sant Gervàs, Gurp and the mountain range of Santa Engràcia, the mountain range of Nerets and the river Noguera Pallaresa are spaces of geological interest.

The main objective of the City Hall of Tremp is doing compatible the use and the exploitation of the natural resources of the municipality with the conservation and improvement of our natural patrimony. The use of new strategies of conservation based on social participation, the dialogue, the communication and the scientific rigor are important elements that make that the progress is not a difficult balance, not a continued selection between development and conservation.


For more information you have to consult the Web of Natural Resources.

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