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Radio- electric governance

Participation in the project of radio- electric governance designed by the General Direction of Environmental Quality and funded by the European Union.


The City Hall of Tremp  has been added to the European project  LIFE09 ENV/ES 000505 Radio electric Governance: environment and electronic communication policies for Deployment of radiocom infrastructures, that the Catalan Government promotes through the General Direction of Environmental Quality and the Centre of Telecommunications and Technologies of the Information.

This participation is regulated by a signed agreement between the City Hall and the Centre of Telecommunications and Technologies of the Information, which has the objective of measuring the electromagnetic fields from mobile phone base stations, and, at the same time, giving support to the different actuations that pretend to inform and give confidence to the citizens, in front of the social sensitivity that the deploying of the mobile phone base stations provokes.

Tremp had already a fixed monitoring station that received solar energy, and it had been given (free) by the Catalan Government, inside the control network of the project SMRF (RF Monitoring System). If we incorporate a second mobile equipment it is possible to analyse the called “sensitive places”, such as the nursery schools, educational centres, hospitals, centres of Primary Attention and equipment for elderly people, people with disabilities or mental diseases and libraries.

The web page of Radio- electric Governance has a system of geographical information that shows on the map the location of the measures’ level of the electromagnetic field. The web has an informative part with the following sections:

. Project: information related to the project of radio- electric governance.

. Spreading: it explains how the telephone mobile works, what are the electromagnetic fields and how is the security around the mobile’s antennas.

. Questions: answers to the most frequent questions.

. Normative: actual Normative in Catalonia as for the maximum levels of exposition to the electromagnetic fields for the public in general. 

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