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Radio- electric governance

There is a portable equipment of measure of the electromagnetic field. The interested citizens can ask to measure a specific place of the municipality.

The municipality of Tremp was added to the project of Radio Governance driven by the Catalan Government. Its main objective is the coordination of the politics according to electronic and environment communications. Moreover, it wants to improve the access to the communicative networks for everybody, and its socio economic activities in particular, boosting an orderly, sustainable and friendly deployment with people and the environment, trying that the citizenship get the maximum benefit of the information society.

Through the use of a portable probe during a specified time, the City Hall has committed to undertake measures of electromagnetic field in the municipality and other public and private spaces.

Some time ago, there were fix measures of electromagnetic field in a point near the train station. Now, this portable probe allows the mobility in the performance of the measures which can be realized in spaces and public equipment, such as educational centres, nursery schools, hospital, CAP, public parks etc. All the obtained measures, as the probe or mobile probe are above the levels that the normative describes as a maximum and they don’t exceed the 1 v/m. In every point they have an average of three measures of opened and closed space. You can consult this on the website:

This tool also allows that whatever citizen can ask to measure a specific place and all this will answer to the neighbours’ concerns in front of the presence of the mobile phone masts. The session ends at the end of September, and, so, they will collect the demands until 15 days before to give service to all the citizens that request this and inside the margin of availability of the City Hall.

You need to download the attached application form and you can present it to the registry of the City Hall. In some days, the municipal technician will be in contact with you to concrete the day and hour of the measure. Every measure requires 10 minutes and normally they make from two to three by requested point.

Other municipalities that have been added to this project are: Sort, el Pont de Suert, Balaguer, Montblanc, Mataró, etc.

The 25th of August of 2010 they signed el “Grant Agreement” between the Catalan Government and the European Comission for the development of the project “radio-electric governance: environment and electronic communications policies for deployment of radiocom infraestructures”. By the part of the Government, the contract has been signed by the gerent CTTI  (Centre of Telecommunications and Technologies of the Information), which is the entity that will manage the project (by the DGTSI. General Direction of Telecommunications and Information Society), with the DGQA (General Direction of Environment Quality).

Inside of the project radio-electric governance, which has a duration of four years (from September of 2010 to September of 2014), and that it is co-financed by the European Union through the tool LIFE, they frame in it as the main areas of work the sustainable and ordered development of the telecommunications, the control of the levels of electromagnetic field generated by stations of radio communications, with the installation of 100 new measurement equipment that will be incorporated to the network SMRF, and the dissemination to the citizens, by the creation of a specialized web page, about all the interesting information about theme: results of the measure, legislation, main scientific informs that evaluate the possible relation between the exposition to the CEM and health, news, etc.

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